Financial Independence & Generational Wealth for People of Color

You're working hard at your job or business, but...

You can often count the number of People of Color in the room on one hand, including yourself.

You’re never sure how to react when people say things like“the itis” or “open the kimono” or "that's ghetto" without thinking twice. You're tired of getting asked where are you really from or if someone can touch your hair (Are you just being too sensitive?).

You put in the same hours and the same amount of work as everyone around you, but for some reason, it feels like you're swimming upstream.

You know you're undervaluing your work

It's hard to balance asking for what you're worth and just being grateful for what you have.

You don’t want to seem like you’re complaining -- and you definitely don’t want to give anyone a reason why you shouldn’t get the gig or keep your job...

But it feels like resources and connections that everyone seems to have access to remain outside your grasp.


You want to believe you can do anything

The advice you get like "follow your passion" and "fail forward" sounds nice, but that's not an option.

You're the safety net for your family, not the other way around.

You're one of the few in your family with the college degree and your loved ones look to you for support and stability.

Your family still has no idea what you do

because you didn't become a doctor, lawyer, or teacher. You learned the path to success was get good grades, go to a good college, get a good job. You did all of that (or not) because you were told that the system rewarded for you for it (or you knew it wouldn't) -- but you're ready to break out of the structure that's holding you back.

Even now, you still struggle with explaining to your parents what you actually do every day.


And yet you're still here

At an ungodly hour of the night, in search of your true purpose, and in love with what you get to do every day.

You're still here because the work is more important to you than the BS you have to deal with to get to do it. You're still here because if you're not, no one else like you will be.

But it's about time there was a place for us to learn and grow together, a place where we can get real, tactical, practical advice on how to really make this whole financial independence and building wealth thing work, in light of the very real and seemingly invisible obstacles we face.

(And no, you're not being too sensitive.) 

It's a place where we can lift each other up with honest feedback, constant encouragement, and unwavering support. It's a place where we understand exactly where we're coming from.

Welcome to the Dead Day Job Army. 

Are you still nodding?

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